Aug 6, 2023

The Benefits of Having Rota Planning and an HMRC Payroll compliant software Integrated

Employees are the backbone of any business. Without staff keeping operations running, it doesn't matter how good the business concept is or the high quality of the product or service. This is why HR departments are so crucial to healthy business management. Through HR departments, potential staff is identified, onboarded, scheduled, and retained to help serve the business's goals.

However, recent years have added new struggles to the responsibility of managing staff. As the Covid-19 pandemic swept through the world, businesses had to find ways to comply with new regulations and limitations. Remote work skyrocketed as businesses needed to find a way to maintain operations even during distancing recommendations. Freelance, contract workers, and other new work modes were also introduced as companies grappled with this new normal. Now, as the restrictions of the pandemic have decreased, some of these trends have continued. With remote and distributed work and the increased prevalence of freelance contracts, how can businesses better accommodate their workers without overcomplicating their workload?

This is where the benefits of having rota planning and payroll integrated come in. Creating and maintaining a schedule with such new and unique employee work scenarios is already challenging enough. With rota planning software, this becomes much more straightforward, as tech tools can help automate many of the processes involved. After schedule planning is considered, however, you still need to ensure your employees are compensated correctly. With these new schedules and contracts also bringing their own financial guidelines and regulations, you will also have to consider more issues when working on payroll.

This is where the benefit of payroll software comes in. Payroll software can automatically calculate worker compensation and help ensure that all staff are appropriately paid on the correct terms. So, while these two software solutions are both effective in their own fields, what is the benefit of their integration? To help illustrate the practicality of implementing an integrated rota planner and payroll software into your business, we have outlined a few key reasons why the choice can promote efficiency and success.

Streamline business operations with software integration

No matter what industry you are in, whether you design software, build cars, or make bread, every business will have a list of essential responsibilities to keep the business running. Of course, keeping staff scheduled and paid are some of the most important tasks, but they are still just a few essential tasks a company must fulfil. As a business grows and attempts to improve, one of the first things you look at is how you can improve efficiency. Integration in many different areas of a business is a great way to accomplish this, especially for software packages.

Suppose you have two departments that accomplish similar goals or work complementary to each other. In that case, you may want to consider consolidating them or merging them into a single body that can get work done more efficiently. The same concept applies to your software packages to complete different operations. Rota planning and attendance software are essential for keeping staff scheduled and incredibly helpful at accounting for unique work contracts, schedules, and other concerns.

With the issues arising during rota planning, namely non-standard work hours and contracts, the payment associated with these workers will also pose some unique challenges. Payroll software is a great business tool for inputting employee information and completing the necessary calculations swiftly with little to no margin for error. Of course, businesses can employ these two tools separately and do the work themselves of manually moving information from one to the other, but integrating the tools should be the ultimate goal of any organisation looking to streamline its operations.

Uniting rota planning and payroll under one software means that you don't have to add another step of combining the attendance data with the payroll formulas. When they are together in one platform, like Moonworkers, the payroll tools can seamlessly access rota planning information. This means that you can ensure accuracy and efficiency by ensuring your staff gets paid appropriately, on time, and under the correct terms of their employment.

Contribute to your information security

Another important topic on efficiency is how important it is for information security. It may not seem like data security is much of an issue for small businesses. However, while you may not present as much reward as disrupting a big company, there is still an opportunity for nefarious parties to impact your business. One of the most critical tenets of data security to ensure your protection is to limit your points of attack.

In information security, you must picture your business or identity as a home or a walled city. The more points of entry available, the more areas you'll have to protect from the risk of threats. By purchasing and maintaining multiple forms of software, you are tying your data into more and more platforms. This opens the opportunity for more mistakes or more possible breaches to threaten your data. So not only is integration an excellent choice for business operation efficiency, but it is also beneficial to your data security.

By limiting your data exposure and uniting your business tools in one platform, you can maintain more protection over your data and business security. In addition, employees logging into the platform will only need one set of credentials, meaning less of an opportunity for them to be compromised and less labour to maintain security protocols across multiple sources.

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Save money by implementing one service

One of the most significant driving forces behind any business decision is how much it can save or generate money. Getting rota planning and payroll well organised is one of the best areas to accomplish this, as ensuring that your staff is paid is one of the most significant expenditures that small and medium businesses will incur. However, to save money, some companies may feel that avoiding software altogether is a good move, but this can be counterintuitive.

A lot of small and medium businesses may still rely on pen-and-paper systems of attendance tracking and payroll. Employees clock in and out with timecards, and nearing the end of the pay period, the business owner or other party will look at the timesheets and determine the necessary payments. For some businesses, this may have worked well in the past and still find some use now, but as time goes on, this method of operation is increasingly outdated and may even cost you money and talent.

However, with how the labour market looks these days, standard employee schedules and contracts are becoming less popular, as staff want more freedom and flexibility in their roles. If you want to track these employee requirements by hand, it will become increasingly demanding, leading to the possibility of more instances of human error. On top of that, if employees look at your business operations and they appear outdated, they may be dissuaded from even joining your organisation in the first place.

Another significant issue when considering whether or not to use software in your business is scaling. For businesses interested in scaling, you want to build a strong foundation on which your business can look to grow. An essential part of scaling is ensuring you can onboard, schedule, and pay your staff as your workforce expands, get new duties, and even maintain new locations. A rota planning and payroll integrated software is a great initiative for any business with aspirations to scale, as it sets the groundwork for the future, guaranteeing that you can manage your current workforce and still adapt as you look to grow.

And to help with those funds needed to grow, software integration ensures that you only have to pay for one software platform, rather than subscribing or outright purchasing a rota planner and payroll software separately.

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Moonworkers was created to help small and medium businesses, whether newly established or looking to grow in their market, find the most efficient ways to onboard, manage, pay and reward their team. One of the most important initiatives we could contribute to was integrating HR, rota planning, and payroll management under one platform. These were areas where most businesses could look to find efficiency and improvement.

Through our platform, you can track attendance, schedule employees, clock in, and even track their location to ensure distributed teams and travelling employees are on the right job and can be compensated accordingly. In addition, with rota planning reliably organised, our payroll integration tools use your rota planning data to calculate payments with any necessary guidelines or regulations considered automatically.

And those are just a few features of our robust platform that we are improving and building upon daily. HR management is also accounted for, as you can manage to onboard, look for contractors and even manage benefits all through the Moonworkers platform. We were founded as a family business, and we move forward with that philosophy as we look for ways to improve. That means that we always go beyond just standard customer support, proven by the fact that every feature you see in Moonworkers results from direct customer feedback and requests.

To get a trial run of our platform and see how our services can serve your business goals, book a demo today and see how rota planning and payroll-integrated software can improve your business.

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