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Corporations Reach Out to You
We align your profile with thrilling missions from top-tier brands. Receive proposals upfront, then accept, negotiate, or pass - you helm the controls.
Guaranteed Secure Remittances
No freelancer should ever embark on a chase for payments. Our integration with Stripe ensures you receive what you're due, punctually, weekly or monthly.
Peace of Mind, Universally
Desire to perform your own reference and reputation scans? Communicate with other crew members employed by your prospective client.
Frictionless Work Contracts
Ensure everyone understands their coordinates. Upload, sign and archive work contracts directly in Moonworkers before lift-off.
If It’s Logged, It’s Compensated
Monitor your work time with the Moonworkers app. You'll receive payment for every day worked, even if your client chooses to terminate before the agreed deadline.
Your Labour, Your Galactic Credits
We don't deduct commissions or recruitment fees. The only fee Stripe imposes is a maximum 1.4% charge, a necessity for intergalactic bank transfers.
Shop Street

Perks that Dazzle

Joining the Moonworkers crew grants you free access to our partner app, Shop Street. The moment you embark with Moonworkers, we provide an optional hyperspace link to download Shop Street. Exceptional benefits for you at no additional cost - that's the Moonworkers advantage.
  • 1000+ brands, including Amazon, Apple, and Uber
  • Unlimited discounts
  • Equivalent to a 6% salary increase

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