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Core HR

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Create automated onboarding, checklists, employee reviews and more.

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Org charts.

Create and organise team dependencies within your company. Turn them into agile teams and keep track of your shifts.

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Sign and store documents.

Moonworkers integrates with Hellosign to facilitate and secure contractors and temps onboarding process.

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Rota planner.

Create and share shifts with a few taps. Validate auto-generated timesheets.

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Employee expenses.

Receive expense validations from your employees. Approve or refuse. Moonworkers automatically adds it to your payroll.

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Leaves management.

Receive leave requests from your employees into your dashboard. Validate. Moonworkers updates your payroll and company’s absences.

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Employee self-served app.

Each of your employee receives a mobile access to request leaves or expenses validation, manage their data, documents, pension, and more.

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Integrated live messenger.

Centralise your communication for better efficiency. Moonworkers integrates with Talkjs live messenger.


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Pay and deductions auto-calculation.

Take care of what matters to your business, we do the rest. Add your employees’ work information, we take care of the mundane tasks.

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Payslips generation.

After each payroll cycle, we generate all your payslips and statutory documents. Your employees receive them instantly on their mobile app and email.

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Auto-enrolment and pension management.

Assess and enrol your workers in 3 clicks. No background knowledge required.

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Easy employee import.

We know that being the cheapest solution is not sufficient. Import your payroll information from your previous system in 2 clicks.

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Connection with HMRC

Feel the stress of submitting your FPS on time? Don’t worry, this is automatic at the end of each payroll cycle on Moonworkers.

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HMRC balance calculation.

Having to log on HMRC’s interface to keep an eye of your outstanding balance is an effort of the past.

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Journal entries creation.

Don’t know how to record salary entries into your accounting system? Just sign in to it from Moonworkers and your figures will be booked in the right column.

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Year end.

End your tax year and start your new one in just a couple of clicks.

And more

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Pick form our directory.

Moonworkers give you access to our growing community of the most on-demand talent. Free of charge.

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Import your contractors and temps.

Send invite to your network of freelancers and temps privately.

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Easy reference checks.

Want to be sure that a talent would be a good fit for your business? Contact talent’s previous employers directly through your dashboard.

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Negotation tool.

Limited budget? Negotiate with talent online.

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Send multiple offers at once.

Sick of being snowed under hundreds of applications? Send requests to several of your targets at once.

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Time tracker.

Contractors clock-in and clock-out every working day. Timesheets are auto-generated.

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Easy invoicing and payment.

Timesheet validated? We generate the accurate invoice and release payment through stripe.