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In the vast universe of running a one-person enterprise, you're both the astronaut and mission control. That's why we're here - your co-pilot in this space journey. Our comprehensive software serves as your reliable navigation system, automating payroll and providing a supportive link when you need it. Your ambition fuels us and we're dedicated to ensuring your mission's success.
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Embarking on a sole director journey?
Steer fearlessly your sole trader spaceship. Our automated software is your shield against paperwork and HMRC hurdles.
Your Mission Control
With Moonworkers, you're never alone in your payroll journey. We're just a call, chat, or email away, ready to guide, advise, and support.
Unlimited Exploration, Zero Cost
Our mission is to fuel your entrepreneurial journey. Once on board with us, enjoy unlimited payroll ventures and a galaxy of features, all free. Forever.
“We have never needed to reach out to support post onboarding, and that's a testament to its own.”
James Berry
Payroll features

Light-Speed Payroll

Generate director payslips, calculate deductions, pensions, and dividends in a few swift clicks. Streamline your payroll journey to mere minutes.
  • Generate payslips confidently
  • Submit your RTI filings and generate P-forms
  • Seamless payroll year-end
  • Comply with Scottish and Welsh payroll
  • Payroll for CIS subcontractors
  • Integrate with your accounting software
Dedicated support

Your Intergalactic Support Crew

No fancy degrees needed to launch your business. With Moonworkers, you have a dedicated crew on standby, ready to provide stellar advice and answers.
Client Resources

Galaxy of Guidance

From reaching out to our stellar support team to combing through our Help Center or Blog, we offer a constellation of resources to navigate challenges of initiating and expanding sole trading ventures.

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