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“Moonworkers customer service is 100% there always there to help. They constantly taking on feedback to make it better. If you are looking to make life easier, then this is it !!!”
Shenaz Gaffar
Payroll features

High-Speed Payroll for IT Professionals

Embark on a frictionless voyage towards efficient payroll management for your IT crew - whether they're permanent, contracted, or casual workers. Just a few clicks ignite the engines of seamless payroll, promoting a thriving space in the IT industry.
  • Effortlessly generate IT-specific payslips
  • Swiftly handle your RTI filings and generate P-forms
  • Easily navigate the yearly cycle of payroll
  • Ensure compliance with regional variances in Scottish and Welsh payroll
  • Integrate smoothly with your IT accounting software
Dedicated support

Your Payroll Co-Pilots

Launch your payroll journey with skilled navigators. Our dedicated team of experts serve as your co-pilots, ensuring a smooth transit through each payroll cycle in the IT cosmos.
Pension integrations

Efficient Pension Management

Moonworkers streamlines your pension management. Seamlessly navigate the complexities of auto-enrolment, employee integration, and contribution coordination. Get ready for a smooth trajectory in IT pension management.
Rota planner

Optimise Staff Scheduling in IT

Custom pay elements
Create custom pay rates and roles for your IT team, ensuring fair compensation for each unique task. Navigate your payroll operations with flexibility and precision.
Holiday Pay, Simplified
Automating the 52-week average holiday pay with our platform is as easy as running a script. We handle the intricate calculations while you code the future.
Multi-Site Management
With the precision of a well-written algorithm, Moonworkers pinpoints worker locations at clock-in and out, making multi-site management as straightforward as a clean codebase.

Orbit HR Effortlessly

Automate HR Tasks

Launch checklists for onboarding to reviews, automating your HR control panel.

Leaves Management

Set sail with our integrated leave management system, transforming the journey of managing employee leaves into a smooth digital cruise.

Expense Management

Effortlessly pilot through the world of expense submissions, approvals, and tax deductions with our robust payrolling benefits management feature. Discard the paperwork and experience digital efficiency with Moonworkers.

Document signature

Escape the cycle of manual paperwork and never-ending email threads. Upload, manage, and sign crucial documents, including employment contracts and handbooks, easily on our secure and user-friendly platform.
Shop Street

Perks that Dazzle

Boarding Moonworkers grants free access to our partner app, Shop Street, for your entire crew. The moment an, employee, joins your Moonworkers team, we provide an optional link to download Shop Street. Stellar benefits at no additional cost for your staff - that's Moonworkers for you.
  • 1000+ brands, including Amazon, Apple, and Uber
  • Unlimited discounts
  • Equivalent to a 6% salary increase

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