Aug 6, 2023

HR Challenges for Technology Industry

Technology is often considered the backbone of progress, where solutions are found and questions are answered. Nevertheless, technology is an industry just like any other, faced with its own problems and challenges. The Pandemic has forced many industries to reckon with a new normal, and workers have begun approaching their work with a new mindset. This has presented a new host of issues for HR departments industry-wide.

While healthcare workers may be the most heavily affected by the pandemic, the technology industry faced its share of new responsibilities. With people remaining inside due to lockdowns and new rules being implemented for maintaining safe distances and establishing contactless interactions, many technology workers saw increased demand as they were requested to help fortify existing solutions and propose new ones.

With all this work and these responsibilities comes an increased stress level, which can reflect in worker productivity and morale. These areas, in particular, are where HR is incredibly significant, and with a strong HR department, ideally, any business can address these issues swiftly. But what constitutes a strong HR team is different than in previous generations. Companies are larger, more distributed, and facing more complex logistical challenges than ever before. That is why the technology industry should adopt its own philosophy when approaching HR and seek technical solutions and HR software.

Moonworkers is an HR software provider that aims to supply businesses with the HR solutions they need to make every responsibility more efficient and to provide employees with the comfort and confidence to thrive in their positions. Our software was designed to be adaptable to many of the problems facing HR in the past and present. To showcase our capabilities, we want to highlight a few key issues facing HR departments and how Moonworkers can help.

#1 Talent and Hiring

If you have minimal awareness of the technology industry, then you will surely be aware of the talent issues affecting the industry. More specifically, the battle over capable employees, as resignations and hiring difficulties have become to plague many tech companies.

On its surface, this issue of “skill shortages” may inspire some to think that these workers are just not present in the labour force or perhaps have left for more advantageous regions. These may be some of the cases, but many of the issues that companies have will come down to ineffectiveness in identifying and screening potential employees.

Hiring is one of the most expensive processes for a business, in regard to time and money, so mistakes in this area can significantly affect productivity and eventually even destroy a business. A company looking to identify more reliable talent and manage a more productive workforce must use software tools to help its hiring and onboarding processes.

How Moonworkers Can Help

One of the most critical features that Moonworkers provides is our Talent Directory. With our Talent Directory, you can browse, contact, hire, manage and even pay your contractors or temps within the Moonworkers platform. If you already have some contractors on your payroll, you can even import them into the Moonworkers software to make managing your employees even easier.

Through the Talent Directory, you can have extensive chats with employees in the database, analysing a large pool of potential workers and getting a better feel for their compatibility with your business. If you identify a great candidate, it is a straightforward process to plug them into your HR and payroll and start managing them immediately. Onboarding, payment, and important document records are also taken care of through the Moonworkers platform, streamlining what can be hectic paperwork. Finally, with our talent guarantee, we rigorously screen contractors before you see them, ensuring businesses can feel comfortable with our directory of candidates.

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#2 Turnover and Retention

Identifying employees and hiring them is essential for keeping a business running, but retaining them is just as, if not more, important. Turnover is costly to a business, and gaps in your workforce can drastically reduce productivity and service quality.

Right now, the tech industry is seeing a large increase in resignations, and of the many reasons these occur, prominent ones include burnout and the desire for more comfortable and accommodating workplaces. Perhaps more than any other industry, Technology is built on efficiency. When workers don’t feel accounted for and business operations make work hectic and tiresome, employees will desire to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

If you want to reduce employee turnover and retention, you should look to make a stronger impression on employees and their role in the business and instil them with the tools they need to succeed.

How Moonworkers Can Help

One of the biggest areas where turnover becomes an issue is onboarding. We previously discussed the “skill shortages” facing the tech industry, but another major idea affecting the industry is the reality that many workers feel unprepared to fulfil their duties successfully. Technology positions can come with a lot of responsibilities and stipulations. If these are communicated ineffectively and organised disjointedly, employees will start to feel burnout much faster, and productivity can drastically decline.

Moonworkers HR software was designed to help streamline many duties of HR departments and allow them to serve employees through their efforts better. When it comes to HR workflows, onboarding processes, and getting employees established and comfortable in their roles, the automated and standardised workflows offered by Moonworkers are second to none. With automated HR workflows, repetitive tasks can be automated to free up time for your HR department to work on other issues, and onboarding checklists can be standardised to help employees have a simpler time when settling into your business practices.

#3 New Modes of Work

While startups and “new” businesses have a presence in every industry, technology is an attractive landing spot for many of these companies; as such, many new trends and ideas not only in products and services but in work itself can come from the technology industry. During the pandemic, Remote and Flexible work has become more prominent than ever, revealing new opportunities to previously unenlightened employees.

Now, many tech employees will require remote and flexible work options as the minimum for their employment in a business. If the work can get done in a quality and timely manner, this is not an unreasonable request. However, if your business is unprepared to accommodate these schedules and arrangements, and your HR department is unequipped to manage pay and other logistics, you may find your business unable to compete in the labour market.

How Moonworkers Can Help

With the Moonworkers platform, interacting and managing your employee’s payments and schedules, among other concerns, is simpler than ever before. With pen and paper systems and traditional in-person work, keeping track of employee schedules and calculating payments were perhaps not too much of an ask.

However, many quality employees will be found as contractors conducting remote and flexible work schedules. Being unable to accommodate them can mean that your business loses out on top-quality tech talent in an industry fighting for the best. With Moonworkers software, accounting for flexible and remote contractors with odd hours and new government regulations is automated in the platform. Worry less about monotonous records and feel more confident in your calculations with the help of our HR solutions.

#4 Perks and Benefits

Another factor affecting tech employees job seeking habits is what perks and benefits they can expect from their employer. With the cost of living rising and traditional benefits packages being overshadowed by competitive and unique offers by more and more companies, workers are seeking businesses that will provide them with more than just a standard salary.

How Moonworkers Can Help

With the Moonworkers platform, you can give your employees automatic access to deals and discounts that will not only help them save on general purchases but can enable them to explore many new offers that they perhaps could not before.

Going even further, you may have already secured an excellent benefits package or provider and want to know how you can manage it more effectively for your employees. With our integration capabilities offering businesses many opportunities to make their favourite software work with Moonworkers, you can explore more ways to serve your employees while not adding any more burden to your HR department.

Moonworkers Software can empower your HR team to face challenges head-on

We discussed four key HR challenges affecting the technology industry today. Still, for all the prominent issues, there will always be minor inefficiencies and concerns that can add up to large amounts of time and money wasted.

The goal of Moonworkers is to empower businesses with the software solutions they need to manage better their HR departments and their business as a whole. Indeed, the entire company will run through the HR department, as no employee comes in and no employee stays without the support and guidance of HR.

While developing quality products and services is essential for a business's life, ensuring you have the fundamentals covered and your operations organised and efficient will ensure you have the infrastructure in place to achieve longevity and success. By turning to software like Moonworkers, you can equip your HR team with a powerful suite of tools that will prepare them to face the HR challenges of today, and tomorrow, head-on.

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