Aug 6, 2023

Digital Strategies in Business Transformation 2024

Today's digital world only continues to progress. With digital transformation in full swing, embracing new technology is no longer optional. Instead, it is a fact of life. 

Businesses that accept this can gain an advantage over their competitors, who are hesitant to digitise how they serve their clients and customers. 

Even start-ups must adopt digital services if they are to have any chance to succeed. Small business digitisation can create growth opportunities that drive revenue and more.

But jumping into the deep end of business technology without a background can do more harm than good. 

What is small business digitisation? How can you digitise your business? What are some tips to get you started?

This guide will answer these questions to help you offer more to your customers and optimise your operations.

What is Small Business Digitisation?

Knowing small business digitisation can help you build a framework for a new operational strategy. Digitising a business means incorporating digital technologies into your company to enhance efficiency, customer experience, and revenue generation. 

You have many options to achieve all this. For example, you can offer your customers an online store where they can purchase your products instead of visiting your physical location. If your company provides customers with a service, you can let them schedule an appointment via your website instead of having to call you.

You also have options that affect the operational side of your business. For instance, if you hire vendors and/or contractors and require them to submit certificates of insurance before working for you, you can partner with a digital solution to help you electronically verify, store, and monitor each certificate. This digital method can supplant your manual methods of physically authenticating and archiving them in a file cabinet or similar storage. As a result, you can save money on storage and paper and reduce the number of errors that could occur during processing.

Your small business digitisation options depend on what your company does and what you hope to accomplish.

Why Should You Digitise Your Business?

You Can Save Time and Money

Start-ups immediately feel the budget crunch as soon as they open their doors. Digitisation can save them time and money by reducing or eliminating the need to physically print and store documents. As a result, you can lower your materials budget by employing an electronic solution. Additionally, your staff can save time manually processing paperwork since some digital solutions can automate whatever you need to be completed.

You Can Improve Customer Experience and Engagement

The more digital conveniences you offer your customers, the more likely they are to do business with you. From payments to scheduling, most people want a fast and straightforward way to do whatever they need. Giving them those means satisfies their expectations and could foster loyalty, creating a revenue cycle for your company.

Digitising your business can also help you connect your brand to customers via engaging content like interactive FAQs. Engagement helps to create a memorable experience that customers will remember as they search for the products and services they want.

You Can Increase Productivity

As previously mentioned, digital solutions can streamline what your company does behind the scenes. Everything from payroll automation to attendance tracking can be streamlined so your team can work as efficiently as they can. When they are not hindered by tedious, time-consuming work, they can focus on ways to develop new revenue-generating opportunities.

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How Can You Digitise Your Business?

Before you digitise your business, you have to lay the foundation. How can you accomplish this? You have to set goals, plan, and recruit the right team.

Set Goals

Knowing what you want to accomplish can guide your efforts better than randomly adopting solutions. You can research what product or service can best help you achieve your goals. Following through is also critical. You can only know how well a solution works once you give it a chance.


You should access the areas that need improving and seek technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into your company's operations. Evaluations can influence your goals and the methods you should take to realise them.

Recruit the Right Team

Choosing people with the skills and determination to support your company's goals can significantly strengthen your digitisation efforts. Tech-savvy team members who recognise the importance of technology in today's world can step up to help your company evolve with its customers.

Different Ways to Digitise Your Business

Your company's digitisation methods depend on what it offers customers. For instance, you would not pursue an online store if you do not sell anything. So pick the ones that best align with your business and goals.

Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Your company should have an online presence. Whether it has a website, social media account, or online advertising, your company must be able to reach current and prospective customers online. There are various types of content that you can include in your digital marketing strategy, like videos.

Utilise SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) involves finding popular keywords and inserting them into your digital content to attract customers via search engines. You can use SEO on your website, blog, and social media posts.

Build an Online Store

E-commerce is critical if your company sells any goods and services. You can use existing marketplaces or make your own. The easier you put your products in customers' hands, the more sales you can generate.

Use CRM Software

CRM (customer relationship management) software can help you organise your customers' information so you can activate more effective marketing campaigns. Instead of launching a broad movement that might have few returns, you can pinpoint your ideal customer and create messaging that speaks directly to them.

Offer Mobile Payment Options

Allowing customers to pay for your products or services with an app is convenient and easy. However, only some customers prefer to pay for items the same way. Therefore, if you offer a range of payment alternatives, no one is excluded from buying from you.

Make an App

If you offer customers an app to place orders, schedule services, or provide feedback, you engage them in ways that traditional advertising can not. As a result, apps can create a positive customer experience and keep your brand fresh in their minds whenever they look at their device and see your logo on their home screens.

Small Business Digitisation Tips

Start Small

Discovering all the various ways you can digitise your business can either be daunting or exhilarating. If it is the latter, then you should plunge headfirst and adopt everything you come across. If you are starting your company or beginning a digital transition, you might be better off adding a few tools until you see positive results. You will lose that money if you pay for many digital solutions from the get-go, and none of them works. Starting small can help you mitigate any financial losses.

Get Your Company Onboard

Make sure your company is receptive to the changes digitisation can bring. Resistance will only work against your company's technical evolution. Communicating and training can go a long way to chipping away at reluctance.

Look for Automation and AI

Although you should explore digital options, you should search deeper for automated solutions that leverage artificial intelligence. Setting and forgetting a digital tool is sometimes preferable to manually overseeing it to ensure it works as intended. Digitisation aims to make your job and life easier, not more complicated.

Follow Technology Trends

The digital world constantly evolves. New tech emerges each day. When you stay on top of the latest tools and practices, you can keep your company ahead of the curve. Plus, you might find a better solution for one you already use. But you will only know if you stay current with what is just around the corner.

Small Business Digitisation Made Easy

The digitisation methods you choose should be implemented sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more customers you lose to your forward-thinking competition. Plus, your company will need more time performing tasks that could be automated.

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