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Moonworkers: Guiding Star for UK Businesses

68 hrs

Average time saved per month running payroll and HR after switching to Moonworkers.


Average savings made per year running payroll and HR after switching to Moonworkers.

2 weeks

Average time it takes to switch to Moonworkers - and often less
  • Any Crew, Any Size
    Whether navigating a compact crew or a vast constellation of casual workers, our solution cuts your cosmic voyage through payroll complexities down to size.
  • Guided Payroll Voyage
    A dedicated payroll clerk at your service, offering expertise, timely guidance, and a mission to save your valuable resources.
  • Cost-Free Payroll Navigation
    Effortless compliance, swift HMRC submissions, and seamless payslip generation, all at zero cost.
  • HR Unleashed
    Smooth HR operations, precise time and attendance monitoring, and effortless platform integration.

Navigating the Stars

We guide businesses, from nimble startups to seasoned enterprises, on their journey towards effortless payroll mastery.

For Small Businesses

  • Economical interstellar travel - Affordable pay-per-employee pricing liberates your resources for business growth.
  • Navigate payroll galaxies with ease - Our user-friendly software boosts your journey towards efficient operations.
  • uided star trek - Traverse payroll complexities with our expert support ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

For Sole Directors

  • Unlock the cosmos for free - Use Moonworkers without hidden costs, freeing up resources for your next giant leap.
  • Starlight-speed payroll - Save valuable time and steer focus to your mission-critical tasks with our hassle-free system.
  • Seamless space flight - Navigate the regulations of the payroll universe ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey.
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Streamlining Your Universe: Integrated HR, Payroll, and People Management

Customers Rejoice in Moonworkers' Stellar Support and Intuitive Voyage.

JC Puget
Maison Puget
The best payroll company for my business. Highly recommend.
S Djakiodine
We have been using Moonworkers for quite some time and compared to other software in the market, we found it very simple to use and excellent. Moreover, the customer service is great.
Shenaz Gaffar
Moonworkers has absolutely been a lifesaver for me and my business. Moonworkers customer service is 100% there always there to help. They constantly taking on feedback to make it better. If you are looking to make life easier, then this is it !!!
Joe Barber
The Barn
Fantastic onboarding process from the team. A really user friendly website and system. When I have asked for any assistance or help, the team have helped, made changes and even updated the system for my requests!
James Berry
From the outset the onboarding to Moonworkers was 100% smooth, even any hints of a problem were speedily fixed and we have been running smoothly since then, we have never needed to reach out to support post onboarding, and that's a testament to its own.
Suzy kerton
Zyla Accountant
Moonworkers software is great for HR, payroll, benefits & more and it is amazing to have it all in one platform. The automation saves so much time every month and the team offer great customer support whenever you have a query. Highly recommend!
Amrit Gill
Incredibly powerful HR and Payroll platform, we've previously been held back by our accountant on having a truly flexible workforce but no more! With Moonworkers we can hire the skills that we need with exceptional efficiency and the HR platform makes it a well-rounded tool.
Row Laurence
The Moonworkers platform has been a massive help getting me set up with my first few employees and making sure I had all the right boxes ticked - the team have also been super helpful and responsive any time I had questions or there was something I didn't understand.
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