Virtual Reality Programmer

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What does a VR programmer do?

VR programmers write the code for cutting-edge game development. VR, in which a player puts on a headset or goggles and had the sensation of actually stepping into another world, offers a deeper sense of immersion than video games.

But for all its immersive potential, VR programmers have significant challenges to overcome to make the most of the technological possibilities.

VR games can cause motion sickness for a variety of reasons. Lag between the player’s movements and the game’s response is one of the most common causes of motion sickness, maintaining a high, stable frame rate is critical in VR games. VR programmers are also responsible for researching and implementing a range of other motion sickness-reducing mechanisms.

There are significant challenges for VR programmers. And significant opportunities too.

What’s a VR programmer good at?

  • Programming: write efficient code that can create the desired gameplay on the game platform
  • Knowledge of virtual gameplay: imagine gameplay in a virtual world, understanding what works and what doesn’t, know how to mitigate issues like motion sickness
  • Innovation: imagine solutions that have never been thought of before - VR is still a developing field and there is no “correct way” to implement VR games
  • Knowledge of game platforms: understand the possibilities and constraints of mobile and other platforms
  • Collaboration: share ideas with other programmers and designers working in an innovative way

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