VFX Producer

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What does a VFX producer do?

VFX producers manage the whole process of creating the VFX for film or TV. They make sure that the client, usually the film or TV series’ producer or director, is happy with what the VFX studio makes.

VFX producers write the bid; the document through which they persuade the film or TV series’ producer to take their VFX studio on to do VFX work on a project. VFX producers put together the team of VFX artists and other technical staff. They set the schedules for the work and they manage the budget.

While filming is happening, VFX producers work closely with the live-action production crew. They also work with the editor in post-production. They communicate between the crew and editor. How much they interact with the client varies between studios. They might report to them on a weekly or even daily basis.

What's a VFX producer good at?

  • Organisation: effectively plan and manage the project using VFX production pipeline organisation software, be able to budget accurately
  • Leadership: be confident in giving direction and leading a team, communicate well with everyone, create a positive atmosphere within the team
  • Knowledge of VFX: understand all aspects of VFX pipelines, know the processes, the creative challenges and the software used by the artists
  • Problem-solving: anticipate any issues that might occur during the project, adapt to changing timescales and technical issues
  • Working with clients: communicate well with the film and TV producers, keep them informed it things don’t go to plan, be diplomatic, keep good relationships

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