Texturing Artist

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What does a texturing artist do?

Texturing artists make 3D models believable by mapping textures onto the object’s surfaces. They also add an extra dimension with imperfections – rust to oil cans, scuffs to trainers, rips to fabric and reflections to windows.

They are concerned with making surfaces realistic, to help the player forget that they are in a computer-generated world. They may use a combination of hand painting, photos, digital and 3D art to create unique custom textures. They use materials, shaders, mapping and an understanding of how these interact and respond.

What’s a texturing artist good at?

  • Using software: create artwork using a range of programmes and know the latest technologies and techniques
  • Using game engines: implement art into game engines, understanding their technical constraints and possibilities
  • Knowledge of materials: understand how they behave in different conditions, what they look like and use of shader tools
  • Art: have strong artistic ability, understand form, colour, texture, and light and know how these elements work together
  • Collaboration: work with the other artists as well as other games development staff such as designers and programmers
  • Organisation: work within the production schedule, manage files and meet deadlines

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