Technical Artist

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What does a technical artist do?

Technical artists (TAs) make the work of the artists easier. They develop the games engines, so they work as well as possible for the people making the art. If an artist wants to create something complex, TAs will say if it’s possible from a technical point of view and think of the best way of doing it.  In some studios, where the animation team needs some complex rigging (creating a moving skeleton), they may call on the TAs to do it. They act as a bridge between the artists and the programmers.

What’s a technical artist good at?

  • Supporting others: serve the needs of the art department and ensure the artists have the tools they need to do their jobs
  • Problem-solving: spot potential problems, find solutions to art related problems
  • Programming: diagnose software problems, understand games engines, workflows and graphics rendering and develop them so they work more effectively
  • Communication: listen to the artists and programmers, explain and write clear reports
  • Art: understand each of the major art disciplines. TAs can't provide support or tools unless they understand the process

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