Runner (VFX)

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What does a runner do?

Runners are all-purpose helpers in a VFX studio. They support any and all members in the studio and make sure that everyone has what they need. Runners do a variety of jobs. They deliver materials and messages between departments. They organise meetings and schedules. They keep the office clean and tidy and might work on reception or be responsible for locking up. They also make a lot of tea and coffee. They do whatever professional task needs doing.

A runner is an entry level position. In some studios, being a runner is a route into VFX artist roles and comes with opportunities to learn about those positions. In other studios, runners are seen as the entry point into production management. Some companies might assign runners a mentor and give them training tasks. The runner role can be a good route into the industry for someone without relevant degree education but with a good portfolio and lots of enthusiasm.

What's a VFX runner good at?

  • Interest in VFX: take an interest in the work of the company, be keen to learn technical skills where you can and grow your knowledge about VFX
  • Being proactive: use your initiative to find jobs to do and show resourcefulness, make a good effort in all of the tasks that you do
  • Enthusiasm: be confident, approachable and communicate well with all team members and clients
  • Reliability: be on time and be able to multitask efficiently
  • Adaptability: be able to prioritise jobs and cope well under pressure, adapting to changing project schedules and sometimes working late or irregular hours

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