Production Coordinator (Animation)

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What does a production coordinator do?

Production coordinators keep everything in the animation pipeline running smoothly by supporting all departments with their production requirements.

They are responsible for creating and maintaining asset databases and for tracking the delivery of assets to third parties. They schedule and attend reviews and can be responsible for taking detailed notes. They can be responsible for checking stocks of and reordering studio supplies, as well as organising couriers and shipments.

Production coordinators help with the accounts by processing invoices and keeping the petty cash records. They can provide holiday cover for other members of the production team.

Their role will vary slightly depending on the size of the company that they’re employed by. If they’re working for a larger production company, they may be responsible for uploading and delivering completed animated series episodes to broadcasters and animated films to distribution partners. If they are working for a small independent production company, they may be required to work on reception.

What's a production coordinator good at?

  • Communication: liaise between different departments on a production in order to inform them of their schedules and deadlines, be able to explain clearly
  • Organisation: plan, multitask and take initiative
  • Anticipation: listen and be one step ahead of what’s going on
  • Knowledge of animation: understand the process and the complexities of each department
  • Watching animations: watch the medium and have an active interest in the industry at large

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