Post-production Supervisor

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What does a post-production supervisor do?

Post-production supervisors help a producer achieve as much as is possible in the edit process without going over budget.

On films that involve using complex CGI (computer-generated images), they make sure the producer’s aware of all the creative and financial considerations of post-production before work on the film even begins.

Post-production supervisors help hire staff for the edit, like sound editors and titles designers. They work closely with the production accountant, supplying accurate information for the cost reports.

They usually continue to work on the production until all the elements needed for the completion of the film are delivered. This includes the music and effects version, which allows the dialogue track to be replaced with different languages.

What’s a post-production supervisor good at?

  • Understanding post-production: know the process in detail, stay up-to-date with the effects that can be achieved through constantly changing technology
  • Budgeting: plan, use film budgeting software, keep track of spending
  • Multi-taking: prioritise conflicting demands
  • Problem-solving: find solutions to creative and practical dilemmas
  • Communication: persuade producers of the creative possibilities and limitations of post, keep a team working happily

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