Post-production Runner

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What does a post-production runner do?

Post-production runners oil the cogs of a post-production facility (the places where film and TV dramas are edited). Post-production facilities are either independent companies or part of a large studio, like Pinewood.

Runners keep the edit suites tidy, make tea and arrange meals. They sometimes work on reception, answering the phone and making clients and guests feel welcome.

They do a lot of admin. They label picture and sound files. They file the continuity notes. They print them, photocopy them and distribute them. They also run errands, ingest (transfer) footage and look after the petty cash.

Within post-production there are roughly three different areas of work: management, editing and sound design. Being a runner is a route into all three.

What’s a post-production runner good at?

  • Story-telling: have an interest in the way stories are created through assembling shots and scenes, good eye for composition, or ear for sound and their emotional impact
  • Watching film and TV drama: have a passion for the genre and a love of the industry
  • Attention to detail: organise and work with fine timings and pixels
  • Learning to use software: have an interest in the technical aspects of the edit, able to learn how to use the tools
  • Learning by watching and asking: observe the editor and assistants, know when to listen and when to ask
  • Taking instruction: do what’s asked, prioritise, stay calm under pressure
  • Communication: work well with team members, be welcoming to guests and clients

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