Physics Programmer

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What does a physics programmer do?

Physics programmers create software that forms the basis of crashes, collisions and other things that move. When, for example, a car drives through water or bursts into flames, the effect needs to be similar to what would happen in real life. Physics programmers write the code, based on the laws of physics, to make this happen. It requires high-level knowledge of both physics and programming. It also requires a sense of gameplay and the right blend of realism and fun.

What’s a physics programmer good at?

  • Physics: have a firm knowledge of algebra, trigonometry and maths as well as the laws of physics
  • Programming: be able to program in new scripting languages and systems
  • Knowledge of games engines and platforms: understand the programming requirements and constraints of games consoles, PCs, handhelds and mobiles
  • Knowledge of gameplay: understand how the physics effects will add to the player’s enjoyment of the game
  • Innovation: develop cutting-edge systems and use them in creative ways
  • Communication: share expertise with other team members like testers, animators and AI programmers.

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