Network Programmer

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What does a network programmer do?

Network programmers make it possible for gamers to play with each other. They develop the code behind online multiplayer games so that everything that happens in a game gets transmitted from one machine to another. This means the same things are displayed on each machine at more or less the same time which makes playing a game with people on other consoles and devices possible.

It’s one of the most complex areas of game planning as network programmers not only need to have an excellent understanding of game programming but also of network protocols and client/server engineering.

What’s a network programmer good at?

  • Knowledge of games engines: understand the mechanics of gameplay and the requirements of games engines
  • Knowledge of servers: integrate gameplay code with server engineering
  • Knowledge of OSI: sound understanding of its layers, socket programming, routing
  • Problem-solving: find solutions to technical difficulties
  • Work independently: solve problems without peers as network programmers are often the only people doing the job within a studio – but be able to work well with other team members too

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