Music Composer

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What does a games music composer do?

Games music composers add mood and excitement to a game.  They write the game’s theme tune. They add depth and colour by composing the music which signals impending danger, celebrates the end of a stage or indicates that a certain character is approaching. As well as being good musicians, music composers understand gameplay. They have to ‘spot’ a game, which means going through a game noting the points at which music will enhance the experience of the player.

What’s a music composer good at?

  • Music: compose and perform music
  • Sound engineering: record, edit, mix and master
  • Knowledge of gameplay and platform: spot the game - know at which points music should be heard
  • Knowledge of game engines: understand the technical constraints of engines and how to integrate sound files into them
  • Communication: work well with game designers, other audio artists and QA technicians

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