Marketing Executive (Games)

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What does a marketing executive do?

There’s no point having a great game if nobody knows how good it is. Marketing executives make sure all keen gamers know when a new game or feature is coming onto the market – and want to buy it.

Marketing executives create campaigns targeting specific audiences about key aspects of the upcoming game. They use social media, reviews, adverts, online communities, dedicated game websites, sales platforms and face-to-face events.

They coordinate the design of in-game screenshots, promo videos and online adverts, press releases, interviews, gameplay reviews and any marketing artwork for cover images, physical packing or merchandise. Social media is often a large part of their role, making sure there are regular updates and engaging content, such as gifs, images and competitions.

In larger companies, the majority of marketing is done once the game is almost ready to be released but in smaller companies, marketing executives might be involved from the start. They might do research to determine the market and get involved in working with focus groups to test the game concept. They may also support community managers to keep players engaged after the game has been released, particularly with online games that are constantly being updated.

What’s a marketing executive good at?

  • Marketing: think creatively and analytically, create engaging content, understand who a game is for and how to reach them
  • Social media: use social media platforms and scheduling software
  • Communication: write compelling copy, engage people from a wide range of backgrounds
  • Knowledge of games industry: have a wide range of knowledge of different games and platforms in relevant genres, keep up to date with latest trends
  • Budget handling:  handle a significant budget and work within it

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