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What does a marketing assistant do?

Marketing assistants do anything that’s needed to ensure the success of a campaign to market a film or TV drama; whether that’s scheduling tweets or ordering in lunch for meetings.

Marketing campaigns for film and TV dramas can include posters, newsletters, content on social media as well as trailers.

Marketing assistants help with proofreading copy, filing, and inputting contact details into research spreadsheets. They often coordinate market research projects and use the data to help assess current the effectiveness of campaigns to help with future ones.

Marketing assistants might be employed by film sales agencies, marketing agencies, production companies or broadcasters. Big production companies will have their own marketing departments for their film and TV dramas. Smaller ones will use a separate marketing company or agency. For TV dramas, marketing assistants are more likely to be employed by the broadcaster or channel, such as Channel 4 or BBC Studios.

What’s a marketing assistant good at?

  • Audience awareness: know audiences, research audience statistics, understand how they watch films or TV dramas, be aware of the commercial ‘performance’ of these
  • Watching film and TV drama: have a passion for the genre and a love of the industry, have a critical eye and analyse the content
  • Taking initiative: observe that’s happening, be proactive, ask questions at the appropriate time
  • Social media: enjoy creating a buzz on social media platforms, use scheduling software
  • Communication: write compelling copy, engage people from a wide range of backgrounds, seize initiative
  • Organisation: anticipate, prioritise and stay on top of tasks, provide support to your team

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