Lead Games Designer

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What does a lead games designer do?

Lead games designers are responsible for how a game looks and what it’s like to play.  They work with a small team figuring out the characters and props and what’s going to happen. Then they share those ideas with the rest of the team.

Once a game is being made, they make sure deadlines and budgets are met. They are the ones that decide if changes need to be made.

In smaller studios, they might do a wide variety of jobs too – the art, programming and marketing.  But in large studios they would have writers, lead animators, creative directors and gameplay designers to help.

What’s a lead games designer good at?

  • Knowledge of gameplay: imagine the best gameplay or game mechanics for the experience
  • Knowledge of game engines: understand games engines and their abilities and limitations, have some programming skills and knowledge of UX and UI
  • Communication: share the vision of the game with artists, programmers, producers and marketing staff, be persuasive with publishers
  • Knowledge of the games market: aware of industry trends, able to explain the game within that context
  • Project management: plan the creative production of the game

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