Graphics Programmer

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What does a graphics programmer do?

Graphics programmers are dedicated to ensuring the game looks as good as it possibly can. They want fire to look like fire, water to look like water and skin to look like skin. This means making the graphics as detailed as possible without impacting on the speed and playability of the game.  The job is all about maths, rendering and optimisation.

What’s a graphics programmer good at?

  • Graphics: implement techniques and processes that meet the artistic, design and technical requirements of the game
  • Maths: understand the logic and maths that underpins most graphics processes
  • Programming: write strong code that’s easily understood by fellow coders
  • Innovation: imagine and develop ways of improving the graphics
  • Knowledge of games engines and platforms: understand the different constraints of games consoles, PCs, handhelds and mobiles
  • Communication: work with other programmers and artists

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