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What does a games tester do?

Games testers don’t get paid just to play games all day, despite popular belief. They test specific aspects of a game, write detailed reports of each bug they find and then re-test when the development team has fixed it. They look for program bugs, spelling mistakes, graphical or audio glitches and even copyright issues.

Testers work to deadlines and understand how their role as a tester fits into the production schedule. They must be able to document their findings accurately, usually in a software quality management system. And they need great game stamina as they may play the same part of a game over and over again – long after it’s stopped being fun.

What’s a games tester good at?

  • Playing games: be an avid game play and understand what makes for a good gameplay experience
  • Following instructions: be able to follow the test brief accurately (and not get distracted by other aspects of the game)
  • Communication: define and articulate the quality of the gaming experience
  • Attention to detail: be precise about a bug and record it accurately
  • Patience: not get bored when you must play the same aspects of a game repeatedly

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