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What does a games producer do?

Games producers are the eyes, ears and glue of a game development. They raise the money, get talented staff on board and make sure the best possible game gets made, whatever challenges might stand in its way.

Before production starts, producers work with the designer, lead artist and lead programmer to work out characters and scenarios in a game. They might test the ideas on players, define who it’s designed for and how it differs from competing products.

Producers find a publisher for the game, control the money and negotiate the contracts with people coming on board to help with development (suppliers). In larger companies, they hand over the day-to-day management of the game to a project manager. In smaller companies, they do the project management themselves.

Producers work closely with the publisher to agree changes to the way the game is developing. They are often the people who speak about the game to the media once it’s released.

What is a games producer good at?

  • Relationships: be able to work with people from a wide range of backgrounds, be able to negotiate and keep clients
  • Marketing: understand who a game is for and create a game they will want to play
  • Project management:  understand how a game is made and know what needs to happen when
  • Knowledge of rights and licensing: be aware of law and able to negotiate
  • Knowledge of games industry: have an in-depth understanding of its different stores, platforms and games and direction
  • Budget handling: be able to handle a significant budget and work within it

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