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What does an esports producer do?

Esports producers put on the show. They make it possible for esports fans to see the thrills, the spills, the winners and the losers at esports tournaments. They plan the broadcasts, craft them and make them happen.

Esports - where players compete against each other playing video games streamed to audiences at the event itself and across the world - is a very rapidly growing business. All kinds of games, from Fortnite to Farming Simulator, are getting esports leagues. Increasingly games developers are launching their own competitions and employing producers to create the live streams.

The producers help write the scripts, spot those with a talent for commentating, manage the staff and make sure the event is exciting and meaningful whether it’s being watched in person or online.

What’s an esports producer good at?

  • Watching esports: have a passion for the games, have an in-depth awareness of the sector, want to see esports grow
  • Communication: know the esports community, connect with fans, get a team of people from different backgrounds working together
  • Event management: know what makes a great event, understand the technical and logistical requirements of a show, be organised, know health and safety requirements
  • Quick thinking: find solutions to problems under pressure
  • Marketing: understand who an event is for and create an event that fans will know about and want to attend

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