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What does a deliverables producer do?

When a film or TV drama is made, it has to be made in a variety of different formats; DCP (for cinema), IMF (for streaming platforms) or conventional file or DVD mastering. Part of the work of production is to create these and Quicktime files for reviewing and sharing the film and further sales.

The deliverables producer oversees that process. They work with the film’s post production supervisor to decide the schedule for producing the picture and sound deliverables and what additional material will be included in the delivery, such as bits of footage that weren’t used for the final film. They work with their team to encode video and audio into file-based formats in the most effective way possible. They make sure that the assets are tested and delivered within the agreed budget and on time.

What’s a deliverables producer good at?

  • Programming: be able to programme in several languages (common ones include Visual Basic, VB NET, Java, J2EE, C, C++, C#, ASP, ASP.NET, Peri, JavaScript, Web Services, XML, PHP, Cold Fusion, .NET, Framework, HTML and Python)
  • Knowledge of file-based and DVD technologies: stay up-to-date with the latest authoring tools
  • Organisation: schedule, work to time and within budget
  • Attention to detail: have an interest in minutiae and the ability to deal with repetitive tasks
  • Problem-solving:  take initiative and figure out solutions to problems as they arise
  • Communication: work with film and TV drama producers, share the information with the rest of the team

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