Construction Manager

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What does a construction manager do?

Construction managers look after the building of studios and sets. They make sure that sets look as realistic or otherwise as desired.  They interpret the drawings of the production designer, art directors and draughtspersons and work out how to build them in ways that are safe and environmentally friendly.

Then they hire the workforce, the carpenters, painters, riggers and plasterers, and ensure everyone knows what needs to be done and by when. They are responsible for getting the necessary materials and tools on site and for the safety of the crew working with machines and at heights.

Construction managers are responsible for dismantling the sets, known as ‘striking’ the set, and ensuring all the materials are recycled as far as possible, or put into storage, taking into account Albert and other environmental considerations.

What’s a construction manager good at?

  • Construction: know all aspects of building work
  • Reading drawings: interpret drawings to plan size and scale, understand the designer’s vision, work out what this means in terms of building requirements
  • Organisation: manage a budget, work to a schedule, recruit hundreds of constructors within a tight timeframe
  • Communication: be able to liaise between the artists and the construction workers, get a team to work well together
  • Staying safe: ensure all health and safety measures are in place

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