Audio Programmer

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What does an audio programmer do?

Audio programmers write the code that makes games sound awesome. The sound of a game, both the sound effects and music, are integral to the gameplay experience. Audio programmers write the script that determines functions like volume and makes it possible for effects like gunshot or footsteps to be triggered by the player’s actions.

They are also responsible for developing the software which integrates the audio files into the game. Having designed and created new audio tools, they support programmers and designers in using them. They are also responsible for testing and debugging the audio code.

What’s an audio programmer good at?

  • Maths and physics: understand the underlying principles of music and wave theory
  • Audio concepts: understand mixing, compression and reverb and so on
  • Programming: write strong code that’s easily understood by fellow coders
  • Innovation: imagine how the audio could be improved and develop the solution
  • Knowledge of games engines and platforms: understand the constraints of games consoles, PCs, handhelds and mobiles
  • Communication: share ideas with the sound team and other programmers

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