Assistant Games Producer

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What does an assistant games producer (AP) do?

Assistant games producers help the production team with the day-to-day running of projects. This means their role is varied, as what needs to happen can change on a daily basis.

They are usually responsible for filing and archiving games assets such as concept artwork and the videos and photographs needed for marketing and press releases. They might help with planning the production of the game and checking that all the deadlines in the process are being met.

They have a good understanding of where the project is at, at any point. They help with submitting games to publishers, oversee the process of adapting games to the needs of different countries (localisation). And they order food.

As the game enters the final stage of development, they might organise press visits, releasing game demos and setting up photo shoots.

What’s an assistant games producer good at?

  • Being willing: be flexible, take instruction, do whatever is need to help the team get their jobs done
  • Communication: explain clearly both in writing and verbally, get on well with the other members of the team
  • Playing games: have a passion for games, knowledge of the industry and a good understanding of how a game is made
  • Organisation: plan, set goals and prioritise
  • Attention to detail: be accurate in filing, labelling and planning schedules
  • Project management: organise all aspects of the game’s production and keep it on track

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