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For Contractors.

Contractor payroll.

When the company upgrades to this
plan and hires you as a contractor, you
can keep track of your timesheets and
payments, and generate invoices.

Best job offers.

Premium Benefit

Premium recruiters who upgraded to
our contractor payroll are most
« sought after » companies with a
proven track record. You may choose to
receive offers only from these employers.

your relationship.


How do you ensure that companies
deliver what they promise ? Sign e-
contracts on the platform before the
project starts.

Track every minute
of your work time.


You can easily track your time using the
app. We send you daily reminders to
clock out at the agreed time. Both you
and the company approve weekly
automatically generated timesheets.



Do you struggle with late payments or
less payments? We guaranteed weekly
payments. All registered companies in the
plan, have also undergone KYC checks.

Automatically generated invoices
sent for payment.

Automate Invoicing

Once the company approves your timesheets,
we automatically generate the invoices.
The invoices are auto-sent to the companies
at the end of each week.
We include all your required accounting

Pay only to ensure
timely payments.

Processing Fee

We don’t charge you any commission or
recruitment fees like agencies or
freelancing platforms. We only reapply a
2.5% payment processing fees that
banks charge us when transfering you
the money.

It’s a wrap.
4 simple steps
to save you time and money.


1 Create your profile.

2 Receive and Respond.

3 Check References.

4 Work.

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Now it’s your turn!

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