Navigating the Payroll Software Galaxy: Moonworkers vs. KeyPay

Choosing the right payroll software for your business is much like navigating through the cosmos - it's vast, complex, and demands careful consideration. To help simplify your journey, we've brought two stellar solutions into orbit - Moonworkers and KeyPay. Below, we offer an at-a-glance comparison table followed by an in-depth look at these two contenders, shedding light on their unique strengths and how they can best serve your business.

Feature Comparison: Moonworkers vs. KeyPay

User-friendly interface
HMRC-comliant payroll automation
Dedicated payroll advisor
HR management
Rota management
Employee self-service
Marketplace of workers
Holiday management
Pension integrations
Accounting integrations

In the world of payroll services, two names stand out: Moonworkers and KeyPay. Both provide comprehensive solutions for businesses, yet they differ significantly in their offerings. Let’s traverse through their universes to understand better which one may be the best fit for your needs.

Spacecraft Design: User Interface

Moonworkers takes its cue from Star Trek's philosophy of IDIC - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Their user interface is simple, sleek, and easy to navigate, which helps reduce the time spent on payroll tasks. The layout of the software reflects this, resembling the cockpit of the Starship Enterprise with everything efficiently organised, easy to find, and a joy to use.

On the other hand, KeyPay presents an interface that’s quite standard. While it's not difficult to navigate, it doesn't have the same level of intuitive design seen with Moonworkers.

Warp Speed: Efficiency

Moonworkers propels businesses forward with efficiency akin to Interstellar's spacecraft Endurance. It offers unlimited payrolls, no hidden fees, and a price model that adjusts according to your team size. This way, it offers companies the possibility to run payroll without any fuss, freeing up valuable time to focus on what truly matters for their business.

KeyPay, while offering flexible pay runs and detailed reporting, doesn’t provide the same level of adaptability with regards to pricing, which might not suit all business structures and sizes.

Mission Control: Customer Support

Just like the helpful and ever-present HAL 9000 in Space Odyssey (without the rogue tendencies), Moonworkers prides itself on offering expert advice with unlimited support. It has a dedicated team ready to address any queries and help you confidently navigate any payroll challenges.

KeyPay does offer support, but it's limited compared to Moonworkers. It doesn’t include the same level of personalised service or the dedicated payroll clerk that Moonworkers provides.

Final Frontier: Compliance

Moonworkers, much like a reliable interstellar vessel, handles your auto enrolment and pension management, keeping you in full compliance. With the software taking care of accurate pension deductions and declarations, businesses can soar to new heights, confident in their adherence to regulatory standards.

KeyPay also provides comprehensive tools to manage pensions and auto-enrolment, but it lacks the specialised focus on compliance that Moonworkers brings to the table.


Both Moonworkers and KeyPay offer competent solutions in the payroll universe. However, Moonworkers takes you on a journey much like the voyages of Star Trek's USS Enterprise - where payroll management is not just a task but an explorative experience. If you're a small to medium UK business looking for a dedicated, flexible, and user-friendly payroll service, then Moonworkers might just be your Starship to success.

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