Moonworkers vs. Brightpay: A Comparative Odyssey Through Payroll Services

As business leaders navigate the vast universe of payroll services, two stars stand out: Moonworkers and BrightPay. Each offers unique features and solutions to address the payroll complexities, but how do they truly compare in their cosmic showdown? Strap in and join us as we journey through the nebula of features, pricing, usability, and support, to help you choose the right constellation for your payroll needs.

Feature Comparison: Moonworkers vs. Brightpay

User-friendly interface
HMRC-comliant payroll automation
Dedicated payroll advisor
HR management
Rota management
Employee self-service
Marketplace of workers
Holiday management
Pension integrations
Accounting integrations

The vast cosmos of online payroll services is as diverse and full of life as the galaxies beyond our own. On one side, we have the pulsating energy of Moonworkers, a shining star, and on the other, we have BrightPay, a well-established planet in the payroll universe. But which will make the best home base for your UK business? Let's set our coordinates and journey through these two realms.

Payroll Features:

Moonworkers and BrightPay both offer comprehensive payroll processing services. But Moonworkers' service suite shines brightly with features like unlimited payroll runs, a dedicated payroll clerk, and advanced HR tools. BrightPay, while reliable, doesn't quite match up to the constellation of features offered by Moonworkers.


BrightPay offers different pricing structures based on employee count, which can increase rapidly. On the contrary, Moonworkers believes in transparency and simplicity. You'll always know the exact cost with no hidden fees, with pricing tailored to your team's size.


In terms of interface and user experience, Moonworkers is designed like a spaceship's console - sleek, modern, and easy to navigate. BrightPay, while functionally sound, could do with a bit of modernisation in its interface design.


Both Moonworkers and BrightPay offer support, but the level of service isn't quite the same. With Moonworkers, you're assigned a dedicated payroll clerk, ensuring that support is always there when you need it. BrightPay also provides support but lacks the personalized touch of Moonworkers' approach.

Auto Enrolment & Pension:

Both platforms handle auto enrolment and pension management. But the seamless integration of these features within the Moonworkers platform makes managing these tasks as smooth as a spaceship's launch.

In conclusion, while BrightPay is a stalwart planet with dependable services, Moonworkers shoots for the stars with its commitment to transparency, dedicated support, and intuitive design. Whether you're a small UK business or a growing enterprise, Moonworkers' spacecraft is ready to help you navigate the challenging landscape of payroll management, offering a journey that is not only efficient but also enjoyable.

Set your coordinates for success with Moonworkers, and experience a payroll service that is truly out of this world. Safe travels!

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