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About us

Moonworkers helps small businesses employing field workers to streamline their operations by integrating rota planning, payroll, and HR into one online software. 

We’re the go-to platform for businesses that employ contractors, freelancers, or other workers with irregular hours - which is becoming the future of work. Moonworkers is built to solve common HR challenges, so businesses can focus on growing and unleashing the potential in people.

Our mission

Moonworkers' mission is to remove the burden of admin from small businesses through our intelligent software.


Because of the pandemic, SMEs within the retail, social care, IT and hospitality sectors are experiencing cash flow problems due to the lockdowns, increased prices, and lack of available workers.

Moonworkers helps solve these common problems by providing an all-in-one platform. Our solution helps businesses reduce their operating costs and save time on non-revenue generating activities.

We are onboarding new clients every week, and our tested and defined sales process has been very effective.

The Moonworkers platform is the result of two years of product research and development. As such, we have developed the technology to change businesses’ trajectories and efficiency by integrating rota planning, HR and payroll into one platform.

Connected with HMRC, Moonworkers is the only platform to calculate workers' salaries and holiday pay on irregular hours.

Because of the pandemic, SMEs within the retail, social care, IT and hospitality sectors are experiencing cash flow problems due to the lockdowns, increased prices, and lack of available workers.

The opportunity

Our ideal prospects are independent businesses that use shift workers, such as businesses in the retail, social care, IT and hospitality sectors. You’ll start by creating a prospect list accordingly.

Then, you’ll reach out to prospects to start conversations, explore common problems and pain points and schedule a demo. Our team will lead the demo with your participation. Finally, you’ll follow up using our standardised sales process to set up a one-month free trial with your prospect.

In this context, we’ve found that in-person prospecting and follow-up can be even more effective than using the phone or email!

You’ll earn a generous 30% lifetime monthly recurring residual on every deal you close. When you close 50 clients with 50 or more employees, you could boost your annual income by £43,000 or more during your first year! We guarantee you a minimum of £2,000 for the first three months whilst you build your client portfolio.

To help you start closing deals and earning commissions ASAP, we’ll provide you with:

  1. Access to online training videos
  2. Live training calls
  3. Assistance from the internal team during sales calls
  4. Access to a product team that is always available for questions and support

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Why you should work with us?

  • Add our all-in-one HR, rota planning and payroll solution to your complementary sales portfolio and earn an extra £43,000 or more during your first 12 months!
  • Work with a company that has demonstrated a successful track record with existing agents, who are signing up new clients every week
  • Offer an innovative product that helps new and growing businesses onboard, manage, pay and reward their team
  • Accumulate impressive passive residuals with our generous lifetime commission offer
  • Benefit from professional training as well as sales and marketing support to help you maximise your performance and income


We’re looking for agents who have a sales portfolio and/or existing network that complements our offer. 

Ideal sales agents will also have a strong understanding of the sales process and excel at generating leads, building relationships, and closing deals!

Beyond that, our ideal agent partner will have 3-5 years of sales experience and be prepared to:

  • Report sales activities regularly within Hubspot and to the team
  • Develop and implement a territory action plan through comprehensive data analysis
  • Maintain working relationships with existing clients to ensure exceptional service
  • Show a strong understanding of the retail, social care, IT and/or hospitality industries
  • Identify appropriate prospects, set appointments, make effective qualifying sales calls or face-to-face meetings, and manage the sales cycle to close new business
  • Develop in-depth product knowledge and be able to conduct demos and relay objection handling
  • Prepare professional, complete, concise and accurate reports, proposals, booking packages and other documentation as required for executive-level presentations
  • Achieve sales goals by assessing current client needs and following a defined selling process with potential buyers, often utilising product demos and presentations
  • Demonstrate personal integrity and excellent communication, interpersonal, problem-solving, presentation and organisational skills

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