Why Moonworkers?

Choosing the right HR, benefits and payroll software can be daunting, with dozens of vendors to choose from, and high stakes when it comes to supporting your employees. Here’s what separates Moonworkers from the rest of the pack.

We are family

Moonworkers is a family business. Hence, we can fully dedicate our time, resources, and energy to develop the tech that will change your life by integrating HR and payroll in one platform.

We are creatives

All Moonworkers' founders are entrepreneurs from the creative sectors. Managing a creative business can be very frustrating when spending increasing time on admin matters rather than working on the exciting bits. That's why we created Moonworkers. So, we would save like-minded entrepreneurs from the annoying part or intermediaries when managing a business.

We are flexible

Moonworkers was founded with the idea that you shouldn’t have to change the way you work just to use our technology to make more of your best ideas. Each feature available on the platform are resulting from user requests.

The six core work values that drive everything we do


We are honest and open with each others, and with our customers.

Get it done

We are never afraid of doing the heavylifting.


We are committed to deliver the best.


We listen, then decide.

Move the line

We are forward-thinking. We embrace change and innovation.

Own it

We hold ourselves accountable for outcomes, good and bad. We don’t pass the buck.