Companies apply to you

We match your profile with exciting projects from top brands. Get offers upfront, then either accept, negotiate, or pass. You’re in control.

Guaranteed secure payments

No freelancer should ever have to miss a payment, or chase a payment. We make sure you’re paid what you’re owed, on time, weekly or monthly.

Enjoy peace of mind

Want to perform your own reference and reputation checks? Chat with other freelancers employed by your potential client.

Seamless work contracts

Make sure everyone knows where they stand. Upload, sign and file work contracts directly in Moonworkers before you start.

If it’s worked, it’s paid

Track your time worked with the Moonworkers app. You’ll get paid for every day worked, even if your client decides to stop before the agreed deadline.

Statutory documents, sorted

We’ll automatically generate timesheets, invoices and payslips, as well as P45s and P11s for you. Access anytime, all in one place.

Your work, your money

We don’t charge you commissions or recruiting fees. The only fee we add is a maximum 2.5% charge, placed on us by banks for transferring your money to you.

Paying jobs from top companies

receive exciting projects, set your own rates.

Receive freelance offers, sign contracts and get paid on a single platform. No more admin headaches, no more chasing late payments.

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Sit back and relax

See Moonworkers' app in action

Companies apply to you.

Our tech algorithm will match you with the best jobs.
Companies will shortlist and apply to you with an offer upfront. Accept, negotiate or refuse.

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Guaranteed payments.

Do you struggle with late payments or less payments? We guarantee weekly and monthly payments.

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Check future employers’ reputation.

Moonworkers embeds a live-messenger at core so you can chat with any employers’ past workers.

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Contractualize your relationship.

How do you ensure that companies deliver what they promise ? Sign e-contracts on the platform before the project starts.

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Every day worked is due.

You can easily track your time using the app. Everyday worked is paid even if you or your employer decide to stop before the agreed deadline.

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Auto generated statutory documents

We auto-generate timesheets, invoices, payslips and all statutory forms - P45 and P11 as soon as the job is done. Access them from one single place  at anytime.

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Pay only to ensuretimely payments.

We don’t charge you any commission or recruitment fees like agencies or freelancing platforms. We only reapply a maximum of 2.5% payment processing fees that banks charge us when transfering you the money.

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Get discounts on top brands

As a freelancer on Moonworkers, you get automatic free access to Shop Street, offering you discounts of up to 10% on top brands online and in-store.

We’re here for you

Freelancing can sometimes feel like a lonely ride. Our friendly team has your back. Contact us anytime.

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Ready to go to work?

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