Payroll without feeling it.

Automate admin and payroll for any type of workers.

A software that enables you to generate payslips, FPS, and EPS automatically - all in a few clicks. We are HMRC approved.

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Automate your payroll.

We pre-populate workers information, automatically calculate their pay and deductions, enable RTI fillings submission to HMRC, and prepare all the statutory documents, including P45 for employees.

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Link your accounting software.

Log in to Xero, Sage, Quickbooks or any other accounting software from Moonworkers once. We send your data automatically everytime you process your payroll.

Pension management enabled.

Create your scheme, workers groups and their associated contributions. We assess your workers eligibility for auto-enrolment, you choose the scheme to enrol your worker in, we send the letter and calculate contributions at each payroll period.

Pension management enabled
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Contractor solution.

Invite and hire your contractors on Moonworkers to benefit from our platform automation capabilities. After they clock-in and clock-out we generate 100% accurate timesheets at the end of each week. You approve. We generate and send you invoices on their behalf.

A dedicated team will be supporting you.

We know how important these processes are to your business. Our support team is here to assist you throughout your
Moonworkers experience.

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