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Say bye to recruitment fees.

We have built an integrated community of top talent accessible from your HR dashboard in case you have an urgent need. Forget about recruitment agencies high commission fees, we will just charge you a cost per worker as normal.

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Negotiate and book with ease

Never lose sight of your human resources, whether you hire 1 or 100 talent. Our software drives you toward each important step.

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More than a job board.

Send booking requests to talent for specific dates. Talent get the requests in real-time and choose to respond. If you wish to get responses in a specific time frame, then you can add a timer too.

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Clear profiles to shortlist in a glance.

Talent’s page contains all the information you need to make your opinion about them, including roles, rates, portfolio, resume, skills assessment, employers’ reviews and many more.

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Want to be sure? Chat with talent’s previous employers.

Chat instantly with talent’s past employers via our live messenger. Do not waste time sending conncetion requests or swiping right.

Automatic payments post approvals.

Pay for freelancers weekly. Simply choose your preferred payment method and then we automate payments. The only action you need to take is to approve timesheets.

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