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The HR and Payroll software for the creative industries

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Moonworkers HR and payroll cloud software is adapted to the specific workflow of creative businesses. Connect and automate everything from onboarding and pensions, to shift management and hiring contractors and make more of your best ideas.

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Save time and money on HR, payroll, benefits and more

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A single HRIS for your entire team

Employees record time off, expenses, and benefits directly in the app, making onboarding and collaboration a breeze.

Employee access

Browse, contact, hire, manage and pay contractors all within Moonworkers.

Need to quickly size up for a project? Browse hundreds of talented UK-based contractors on Moonworkers, and plug them right into your HR and payroll.

Onboard without the hassle

Welcome new hires in minutes, minus the paperwork. Connect them to HR, payroll, benefits and more, all at once.

Hassle-free new hire onboarding.

Moonworkers digitalise your onboarding workflow so you can greet your next teammates with a cup of tea on the first day - instead of a load of paperwork.

Approve expenses with a click

No more collecting and uploading paper receipts. Employees submit expenses directly in the app for your approval, with payroll links automatically created.

Manage leave requests and sick days

Employees submit leave and sick day requests right in the app. Review and accept in a few clicks. No more confusing spreadsheets.

Payroll without the eyeroll

We’ve partnered with Staffology, an industry-leading payroll API provider, to create an easy to use, all-in-one solution for your business.

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