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All-in-one HR software which manages everything from employee onboarding to benefits administration and payroll

HR System.
Payroll automation.
Talent Marketplace.

From employee onboarding to benefits administration and payroll,  Moonworkers offers a truly consolidated experience so you can focus on high-value tasks.

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Hassle-free new hire onboarding.

Moonworkers digitalise your onboarding workflow so you can greet your next teammates with a cup of tea on the first day - instead of a load of paperwork.

Show your love to your employees through financial benefits

Our partner Shop Street brings benefits to your employees on Moonworkers for free. All your team members will enjoy discounts ranging 2%- 10% on more than 1,000 of their favourite brands.

Run payroll from Moonworkers

We’ve partnered with Staffology payroll API, an industry-leading payroll provider, to create an easy to use, all-in-one solution.

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