Online time and attendance software that makes it easy to track employee working hours. Compare worked and scheduled hours, and easily monitor absence and lateness. Payroll is always in sync.

Clock in & out straight from the app

Let staff clock in using their employee account. They can apply, swap, and see their upcoming shifts as well as clock in when they start.

Track locations

GPS prevents staff from clocking in when they're not on site.

Attendance alerts

Employees receive notifications when they haven't clocked in, and you'll be messaged shortly after if they still haven't.

No more data entry

Staff clocking times are automatically fed onto a timesheet, ready for approval and payroll integration.

Auto generated timesheets

Timesheets are populated automatically as employees clock in and out so you no longer need to collect up paper timesheets from your staff and count up the hours.

Approve with a click

Approve each employee's clocking records either individually or en masse, or make manual adjustments where necessary.

Compare with scheduled

Clocking in times are automatically compared with times on the rota so you can instantly see how the hours worked differ from what you planned.

Monitor absence & lateness

When you have shifts scheduled on the rota, absences and lateness are flagged automatically when the clocking times don’t match.

Payroll always in sync

Manual exports and imports from one system to the other are a thing to the past. Never be confused as to whether payroll reflects attendance correctly. Moonworkers continuously monitor and update your payroll entries according to validated timesheets.

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