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Browse, contact, hire, manage and pay contractors all within Moonworkers.

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Import your favourite contractors, or search our database of UK-based talent. Chat with contractors to see if they are a fit, then onboard them easily.

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Browse hundreds of talented UK-based contractors on Moonworkers, and plug them right into your HR and payroll.

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Moonworkers streamlines important documents recording and contractors onboarding and payment.

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Our contractors complete a rigorous screening and interview process. You can even chat with their previous employers.

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Finding talent to support your team on-demand can be challenging and time-consuming. Moonworkers hosts top talent right on the platform, ready for you to browse.

Looking for a specific profile? We can help!

Sometimes head-hunting can be very challenging. Reach out to our recruitment experts who can help you finding the top talent that will level-up your team.

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We don't charge any commissions for
our talent directory service. No, we
aren't fools. We believe that  recruitment
costs are a huge impediment to business

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