Integrated rota planner

Scheduling and timesheets without the usual chaos. Easy to pick up on any device. Synced with payroll.

Plan your rotas in minutes

Our intuitive and easy-to-use rota builder makes creating your rotas a breeze. Add, edit and publish shifts when you are ready to notify your staff. Single shifts or entire weeks can be copied and pasted saving hours of tedious planning.

Manage fatigue & overtime

Avoid employee fatigue by setting a limit on how many hours an individual can work per day or week.

Fill empty shifts quickly

Share available shifts with your team instantly via their access. Or pick the most suitable person from a list of interested staff.

Monitor attendance

See when staff arrive on site, take breaks, and leave for the day.

Auto generated timesheets

Timesheets are populated automatically as employees clock in and out so you no longer need to collect up paper timesheets from your staff and count up the hours.

Approve with a click

Approve each employee's clocking records either individually or en masse, or make manual adjustments where necessary.

Compare with scheduled

Clocking in times are automatically compared with times on the rota so you can instantly see how the hours worked differ from what you planned.

Monitor absence & lateness

When you have shifts scheduled on the rota, absences and lateness are flagged automatically when the clocking times don’t match.

Payroll always in sync

Manual exports and imports from one system to the other are a thing to the past. Never be confused as to whether payroll reflects attendance correctly. Moonworkers continuously monitor and update your payroll entries according to validated timesheets.

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