All-in-one HR software to manage contractors

Simplify your HR by bringing onboarding, documents, timesheets and payroll of contractors in one place. 

HR System.
Payroll automation.
Talent Marketplace.

From employee onboarding to benefits administration and payroll,  Moonworkers offers a truly consolidated experience so you can focus on high-value tasks.

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Work with verified, stellar local talent

Browse our talent marketplace that sources the contractors you need for your next project.

Take the work out of your document workflow

With Hellosign integration, you can easily upload personalised documents and get their signature done quickly and securely.

Speed up contractors' onboarding

New contractors and temps typically have a different on boarding workflow than employees. Moonworkers offers a separate dedicated contractor workflow to ease and speed up the hiring process.

Get the timesheet done

Moonworkers tracks contractors clock in and clock out,  making sure that weekly timesheets are always accurate. You approve, we do the rest.

Pension management enabled

Payroll on a roll

Never wonder again what are your upcoming charges. Approved timesheets auto-sync to calculate pay.

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