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PAYE payroll.

Automate admin and payroll for PAYE workers.

A software that enables you to find talent, auto-generate timesheets
and payslips, pay employees directly and file RTI filings to HMRC- all in
a few clicks. We are HMRC approved!

Find Talent.

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Chat instantly with talent.

Easy Chat

Stop switching between apps and tabs by using our
embedded live messenger.

Formalise employees’
roles and rights.

Employee e-contracts

After receiving all the necessary information, you can upload your contracts
and compliance documents. Both parties sign the contracts digitally
to initiate hiring while detailing the rights and responsabilities.

100% accurate automatically
generated timesheets and

Timesheets & Payslips

Talent clock-in and clock-out everyday using the app. 
You approve. We generate 100% accurate timesheets 
and payslips automatically at the end of each week.

your payroll.


We pre-populate employee information, automatically calculate their
pay and deductions, enable RTI fillings submission to HMRC and send
P45 to employees – all of this at the click of a button.

Ready worker information.


Ready worker information.

We auto-populate all the worker information needed. We also require that each worker upload their right-to-work in the UK documents as well as we ensure auto-enrolment.

Automated process


Automated process

We generate accurate payslips from approved timesheets, deduct NIC, income tax, holiday pay and pension.

3.HMRC submission

HMRC submissions

We ensure RTI submissions and send the Employment Payment Summary (EPS) as well as a Full Payment Submission (FPS) to HMRC.

Automatic payments
post approvals.

Secure Payments

Pay for freelancers weekly. Simply choose your preferred payment
method and then we automate payments. The only action you need to
take is to approve timesheets.

Security deposit.

Security deposit.

We hold a fully refundable security deposit equivalent to 10% of worker’s compensation.

Pay as you go

Pay as you go

We keep a hold on your account for the worker’s day rate a day prior to the workday. We wait for a week to release the payment to the worker once you have approved the timesheet.

3.Cancel anytime

Cancel anytime

Moonworkers is the result of the team of former freelancers and producers who were tired of the inefficiencies and unfair costs in hiring and managing talent.

A dedicated team
will be supporting you.

Customer support

We know how important these processes are to your business
Our Support Team is here to assist you throughout your
Moonworkers experience.

It’s a wrap.
PAYE payroll in
4 simple steps.


1 Search & match.

2 Check References.

3 Make an Offer.

4 Confirm.

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