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Best ways to communicate with workers in these new times.

In these uncertain times, change is not easy for everyone. With a lack of predictability and lack of choices, an important aspect is 'timely communication' to workers. 

By Nicolas Croix

Firstly, informing workers of the internal changes in the company, access to funds and the future runway, long term and short term change of plans can be extremely healthy. Not only would workers become more aware of the situation, but would they also pitch in with new ideas, suggestions and voluntary help.

Secondly, educating workers of the various policies such as Sick Leave and Furlough, amends to the policies initiated by the government as well as those levied by the company, can help the workers to plan better. Workers need to prepare for their personal and family finances; hence it’s imperative to be sensitive to their situations.

Finally, being a little more understanding of the situation that workers are experiencing at their front can be extremely useful. Indeed, some may be working with small children or elderly who need special attention with no access to childcare or elder-care being available at these times. Giving extended timelines and planning work such that workers can operate after hours and try to manage work-life responsibilities are the most obvious solutions. Sharing resources or tips to help in these situations could also be helpful.

So what’s the best way to communicate to workers? Emails, chats, and video calls can be great mediums to communicate. However, it can be overwhelming to switch between tools and software. Moonworkers‘ value proposition is to integrate multiple software at once and to make them communicate into a single interface. For example, it has an instant chat module that allows you to communicate with current workers and shortlisted candidates as well.

Moreover, this HR management software not only allows you to find the right talent but also lets you manage your existing database of contractors and PAYE workers. You can easily chat with them as well. The HMRC approved payroll module enables you to process their payroll in a few clicks. Hence Moonworkers lets you find, hire, chat, and pay workers on time.