Press Release

Moonworkers, a payroll management software company, announced today the launch of its industry-leading payroll capabilities in the UK market.

“With the rollout of Moonworkers Payroll in UK, it brings together payroll, HR management, and talent finder functionality. This gives UK employers access to award-winning talent as well as a purpose-built software that manages the entire workforce lifecycle,” said Nicolas Croix, Founder and CEO, Moonworkers. “By adopting one consolidated solution, we believe companies can better engage and manage their people – and ultimately work smarter by saving time and ensuring efficiency. We see significant opportunity in the UK market, as this a unique proposition that is also cost-effective” concluded Nicolas.

Moonworkers aims to make the overall pay experience more desirable for the workforce by ensuring timely payments after the job is completed and enabling negotiations at the booking stage. Leveraging Moonworkers cloud – technology and real-time calculation for net pay, payroll teams can access and audit data continuously through the pay period. Using Moonworker’s payroll offering, companies will be able to access an HMRC-approved, robust and trusted payroll solution.

“The gig economy is becoming a popular way of working, with the modern workplace becoming more focused on delivering quality work, by working remotely and enjoying flexibility. People are stressing on work-life balance” said Nicolas Croix, CEO, Moonworkers. “This can present challenges, particularly as regulatory environments change and become more complex, and we believe our solution will transform the way companies pay and manage their people.”

By using Moonworkers, we believe companies will be able to better engage their workforce and drive efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. The platform has a desktop version for companies and has launched an app for workers.

Companies dashboard's features

The main features of the companies dashboard are:

• Payroll accuracy: More easily pay workers accurately and on time with the continuous calculation of net pay.

• HR Management: Sign e-contracts, check right to work in the UK, enable auto-enrolment, approve worker’s timesheets, that enable auto-generation of payslips/ invoices depending on the employment type.

• Talent acquisition and retention: Find, recruit and rate the best talent with an end-to-end talent management solution.

• Mitigate compliance risk: Moonworkers helps enable you to maintain compliance with HR requirements by automating and incorporating a number of legislative and regulatory requirements through flexible configuration options.

Talent App's features

The main features of the talent app are:

• Showcase your brand profile: Showcase your personal brand, easily link your social media profiles and self-rate your calibre.

• Get connected with trusted employers: You can easily check reviews and ratings of employers. You can also chat with the previous workers of employers to get feedback.

• Get paid on-time, every-time: Get job offers, negotiate and ensure getting paid on-time.

• Increase your take-home pay: We do not charge the companies any recruitment fees, hence your take-home pay increases.

• Manage all your documents in one place: You can track your timesheets, generate invoices/ payslips and also access HMRC’s statutory documents within the app.